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Teach Your Cat to Use Litter Box Effectively

Teaching your cat to use his litter box may be daunting. Determine how you can do this relatively rapidly.

Every cat owner will need to prepare several things before buying a cat. A Litter box and a proper sand brand are among the most important things. Keeping your cat in the house can become problematic without practical litter box training conducted at an early age.

Basic Cat Training

Apart from teaching your cat to use his toilet, basic cat training is connected more with daily cat care than actual training. Cats that are well tended to will not develop any abnormal behaviors and behave themselves well.

How to Litter Train A Cat

Begin early litter box training. Newly born kittens will not be able to understand any commands, and they won’t be receptive to typical training stimuli before reaching six weeks of age. At this point, you can start your basic cat training.

  • Buy the cat’s litter tray in any pet supply shop. It should be made out of plastic or enamel; the litter box should be filled with special sand (commercial cat litters to be bought in a pet store) so that the cat can use his instinct to cover his wastes with soil.
  • Even when your cat is very young, you can already place him inside the tray every time he finishes his meal. Your cat needs to be acquainted with the box to understand it’s designed for him.
  • Place the litter tray in a secluded area. Your cat must feel safe and comfortable when in the tray, as otherwise, he won’t be using it later. It should be placed next to the wall so it wouldn’t be accessible from all possible sides. It should also be located far away from his food bowls. Don’t change its location without good reasons too often.
  • You can use a special liquid, usually available in typical pet stores, and spray all areas on the floor your cat used instead of his litter box. These liquids are designed especially – their smell discourages cats from staying nearby the marked area.

Your cat’s veterinarian can advise about the excellent brand of cat litter. Some sorts of it may contribute to the development of allergies, others your cat might find disturbing or unpleasant; still, others may even discourage your cat from using his litter box. So when you notice that your cat still stubbornly refuses to deal with his litter box after several days, the sand may be at fault rather than your cat’s temperament.