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The one command every dog should know and obey is “sit.”

It’s also one of the more accessible commands to teach. It’s essential, however, to know how to go about correctly teaching a dog this command—that is, being savvy about effective and ineffective methods.

Here is a step-by-step approach to teaching a dog the fundamental trick of how to sit. So when you’re ready, take him/her to a spot where there is plenty of open space, such as a backyard, and follow these four simple steps:

Always Be Positive With Your Dog

When attempting to teach a dog to sit on command, the owner should always maintain a positive demeanor. To yell or scream at a dog will only prevent the animal from learning and make him/her afraid.

“Sit” is the first thing you should do. If the dog fails to do so, tell him/her to stay and proceed to move behind the dog and tap the dog’s rear. Again, repeat the command. If the dog sits, then he/she comprehends the control. If not, physically position the dog to sit and repeat the command, so he/she will understand what is expected. Whenever the dog does something wrong, simply say “no,” but nicely.

When the dog fulfills the command, pat him/her on the head. Then, compliment the dog: say “good boy/girl” or the dog’s name. By being positive, the dog will respond to encouragement and be more willing to oblige.

Note: Some owners use treats or toys to help their dogs learn to sit. These are ineffective methods, as the dog will only sit when one has a snack or toy available.

Always Repeat Yourself

Dogs learn through repetition. Make sure to practice the command constantly, and eventually, the dog will understand and obey.

Patience With a Dog is Key

Sometimes training takes time. Teaching a dog requires great patience. Without it, both the owner and animal will quickly become frustrated, and the process will be upsetting for both parties. Therefore, it’s imperative to give the dog time to learn.

Practice Makes Perfect

To ensure that the dog learns to obey the command, take him/her out for at least one hour every day for a week. It will be a solid routine for the pet, and after all, practice makes perfect. Just remember to be positive and patient and repeat the command, and the dog will catch on in no time.